Million Vision Practitioner

We are Entrepreneurs Builder. Since inception, we have been placing development of talents as our core focus.

Through our Systematic Training, our New Life Planners Achieve Success within short period of joining us.

Starting from New Life Planner Achievements to Achieving Excellency in:

Personal Excellency - Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) 

Leadership Excellency - Million Dollar Agency

Below is some introduction to our Achievers:

#Multi Million Dollar Agency 

#Malaysia Champion ILP Unit

#Bangkok Premier Leader Summit Speaker

#Platform Speaker for Singapore Convention

#Platform Speaker for Indonesia Business Kick Off

#Appointed Malaysia Master Trainer


Albert Phua

#Million Dollar Agency

#Malaysia Champion Sales (Most Cases)

#District Manager


Terrance Lee

#4 Times MDRT 


Tan Bee Yee

OUR New Life Planner Ambassador

Hazel Lau 2 times MDRT

Former Premier Relationship Manager for one of the world largest banking and financial services organisation. 

Joined MVP in November 2017. Achieved Rising Star Phuket Trip in less then 90 Days.

Recruited under AIA NPA Elite Program in January 2018

"Doing the Right Thing, in the Right Way, with the Right People" For me, MVP is the Right Platform, surrounded with Right People and conducting my insurance business in the right way.

Benny Tan

A Degree holder of Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Public Relation, Benny Tan was a Talent Executive managing Malaysia Famous TV Host and Local Artist. 

Join MVP on Sept 2017, achieved Rising Star Phuket Trip and Bangkok MDRT Experience in 2 months. He is also MVP Diamond Rookie Achiever!

"MVP is a Dream Builder for everyone. MVP has taught us every Success Story started with a Dream, if you want to achieve Success, believe in your Dream"

Chan Kok Leong

Previously a Branch Manager of Starbucks

Join MVP on November 2016

Achieved Rookie Achiever and

Qualified Rising Star Phuket Trip on Feb 2017

"I am honoured to be able to join MVP. This is an Amazing and Great Team that I have never seen before."

Dayang Suziana Mawi

A broadcaster for RTM1 and a Customer Executive for MAHB.

Join MVP on February 2016.

Achieved Rising Star Phuket Trip in 21 Days.

Rookie Achiever

Achieved Premier Life Planner status in 10 months.

Most Outstanding Takaful Planner of the Year

"MVP is a Winning Agency not only with product that works, but with incredible people behind it. I have never been on a sales team that will drop what they are doing to help others succeed and celebrate wins the way they do. Leadership does a fantastic job of being transparent on where we are, where we are going and how we are going to get there. Joining MVP was one of the Best decisions I've made in my life!"

Mohd Ezaiuddin bin Zailani

Mohd Ezaiuddin was a Factory Supervisor.

Join MVP on Dec 2015,

Achieved Premier Life Planner 2016

Bali Trip Qualifier

Premier Life Planner

Justin Cheong

Previously a Finance Officer in a Major Bank

Join us on August 2015,

Achieved Rookie Achiever within 3 months.

Qualified Trip to:

1. Phuket, Thailand

2. Guangzhou, China

3. Perth, Australia

4. Bali, Indonesia

Premier Life Planner

Isaac Lee

An entrepreneur in Online Marketing.

Join MVP on Nov 2015.

Achieve Premier Life Planner Status in 2016

Qualified Convention Trip to:

1. Phuket, Thailand

2. Perth, Australia

3. Bali, Indonesia

4. Guangzhou, China

"This is the Best Team Chemistry I've had here in some time, We're not just a Team here, We are Family"

Marshall Lim

Previously a Regional Manager for 6 Branches of a Restaurant.

Join MVP since August 2015. Achieved Osaka, Japan in 3 months.

Top New Rookie Life Planner of the Year.

Convention Trip Qualifiers to:

1. Osaka, Japan

2. Hong Kong

3. Xiamen, China

4. Phuket, Thailand

5. Perth, Australia

6. Guangzhou, China

7. Bali, Indonesia

"MVP is the Winning Team for me, because True Leaders of MVP don't build followers, They Build Leaders"

Mohd Faez bin Mohd Azmi

Be a Grab Car driver to save money for his Wedding, achieved it in 4 months. Join MVP on January and Achieved Rising Star within 3 months. Subsequently achieve Convention Trip to Prague, Czech Republic, South Korea & Million Dollar Club 3 Stars by August 2017. He is indeed a Fighter.

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